Useful Dog Training Variations

Alternative to the "Shut Up" Command
If the dog reacts in front of food, put a delicious portion of food in front of its snout to make it stop from barking and, as soon as the animal shuts up, say "shut up" and then give it the food prize. Don't give it to the dog until it is silent.PROTECTION. There are a lot of people who only want their dogs to bark for their defense, for which the order "watch" is more useful than "bark". A barking dog is very good to dissuade intruders, at home, or potential attackers, on the street.

Teaching your Dog to "Shake Hands"
Training your dog to use his paw will make him a skillful dog. This is a valuable game since raising the paw and shaking it is a gesture of submission and by doing it, you are reinforcing your position as the leader of the pack.

1. With your dog to your left, order him to sit. Get on your knees next to the dog, hold his collar with your left hand and show him the food you have in your right hand.

2. Lower your right hand to the floor, until you get to the front paws of your dog. Hold the collar in order to keep the dog from lying down.

3. Put the food closer to the front paws of the dog. When the dog raises his paw, put your closed fist under it and then slowly raise it off the floor. Keep on holding on to the dog by his collar.

4. With your dog's paw resting on your fist, raise and give the dog the order to "paw". Next, give the food to your dog. Repeat this exercise using the word "paw" instead of showing him the food to reward his obedience.

5. Once the dog is able to always raise his paw to your hand only with your verbal order, show the animal that you are hiding a food reward behind a piece of something.

6. Give your dog the order to "paw" and reward him with the food when he touches the object placed in front of the paw. This will be the base for a series of petting games that are very useful in a lot of different cases.

Petting Games
Once your dog has learned to use his paws when he is ordered to, then you can teach him to open doors and to participate in mentally stimulating games.

Excessive Use of the Paw
If your dog excessively demands your attention by reaching out to you with his paw, say "NO" firmly and order him to lie down. However, your dog is trying to tell you that he needs attention.

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