Vacations in the Car with Your Dog

Getting used to being in a car is important for a domestic dog.
The best place in the car for your dog: A large dog should go in a cage, well fastened. Or he can be in the back seat, sitting or laying down, with a non slippery blanket. The dog should get used to always having the same place in the car.

Wrong Places to be in a Car

  • on the drivers knees;
  • between the window and the drivers seat, with it's head out of the window;
  • the space underneath the back window, for if there were an accident to occur, the dog would receive the same mortal impact as the rest of the passengers.
  • in the cars' trunk, it has no air or can see anything, it might get suffocated

"Dog cages are a safe places for your dog when it is being transported from one place to another".

Rules of protection in the Car: The bigger the glass window is of your car, the more heat you'll have in your car. If you don't count with an air conditioning then you should open your windows. But you must still be careful, even in these cases an open window doesn't stop being a danger for your dog. It will want to stick his head out and the cold air can give it conjunctivitis. A dog that jumps out through the window is a danger for traffic. Ventilation Grilles of solid plastic, which when folded fit into the glove box, don't allow your dog to stick his head out the window. They're fixed on to the half open window and allow air to flow when parked, without a third person being able to get on the car. seat Belts rules indicate that dogs must travel in a way that it's impossible for it to reach the front seat, this way both people and dogs run less risks in an accident. In an accident at 50 km/h, the dog has practically no survival possibility, but with a seat belt it will only suffer a fracture or a contusion. Existing models consist of a belt for the back seat, a leash attached to the dog, and a breastplate. They adapt to all cars and are easy to handle. They're different sizes, ranging form a Yorkshire Terrier to a Saint Bernard. dogs maintain their freedom of movement and with a seat belt on they can go sitting or laying down.

A separation net, firmly screwed or well attached separates an area for a dog in a van.

A safety blanket for the car, with its bath tub shape, impedes:

  • the dog from jumping to the front;
  • it sliding between seats when braking;
  • getting your seats dirty. It's the best solution.

On Long Journeys

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