Vacationing With Your Dog

Dog owners resist spending "the best time of year" without them. The best country to travel on vacation with your dog are Germany, Austria, France and Italy. Since flying with a dog creates great inconveniences, most dog owners travel by car. When choosing a place it's important that there is a veterinarian close by.

If you don't have a good housing for your dog and you don't have family or friends who can care for it temporally you shouldn't leave it alone. It simply wont understand that it's owner is out for two weeks, which will seem eternal. Regardless, I'm not saying you should take your dog to the tropics and start with it a big adventure. If there's no choice but to take it to a dog residency. And in this case you shouldn't make the choice lightly, you have to ask information form experienced and credited people, since there aren't many good dog residencies. Previous paper work

Previous paper work

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