Vet for Dog Vaccination

There are dog vets everywhere, and you will probably find one near your place where you can get the right Dog Vaccination for your new friend.

Anti-rabies vaccine: Every dog that is older than 3 months has to be vaccinated against rabies and other contagious diseases that can be lethal for the animal. Some countries need this be done 30 days before traveling, but if you have problems with this, your vet will probably be able to help you. You will have to carry valid documentation that proves your dog has been vaccinated if you want to take it with you on vacations.Anti-parasite treatment: must be done a couple of days before the vaccination.

Ectoparasites: 99.99% of street dogs have ticks, lice or other parasites. Solve this problem before taking your dog into your car (as some of these parasites are transmitted to people, too). Ask the vet to prescribe the medicines you need.

Epidermic symptoms: Some street dogs can have a skin disease, such as mange, fungus or any type of allergy due to their poor nutrition, which doesn't allow them to develop adequate defenses. They scratch continuously, have patches of skin without hair and with eczema's, and wounds get easily infected.

Mange is caused by Demodex canis that live in the outer layers of the skin. There are some types of mange that have no cure. When the epidemic symptoms are accompanied by extreme thinness it can be a sign of piroplasmosis or leishmaniasis, which are diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes or ticks. They are difficult to cure, and symptoms can continue appearing for months.

If your dog is not a pup anymore, you have to tie it before taking it out of its usual habitat (when you take it into a car, to the vet, etc) Realize the dog is not used to all this and it might run away out of sheer fright.

Tangled Hair: Street dogs usually have really messy hair. Try and detangle it with your hands first, be cautious if you feel you have to cut it, you can hurt the dog if you just pull the skin and cut just like that. Slide first the rounded scissors into the hair, and make sure it is only hair you are cutting.

Important: If your dog's hair is too tangled, you better take it to the vet. There probably are eczema's under the knots and the dog will have to be sheared to be cured. They will probably have to clam the dog down with drugs, as street dog are not used to people, least of all vets. If the hair is not too entangled, then you will have to wait a little bit for the dog to get used to the brushing.

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