Veterinarian for big animals & small animal Vet.

You hardly ever fin them at home, and they rarely attend small animals. However, in urgent cases, the general veterinarian specialized in big animals will also help your dog in the case of an injury, for example. And if necessary, they will also administer injections and vaccines.You will simply have to confirm an appointment. Don't expect them, though, to show particular interest to your small dog's needs. But they will give a professional help and counsel as to how to continue with the treatment.

Veterinarian of big animals with attention to small animals: Despite their busy schedules, these colleagues of mine regularly attend small animals in their office for big animals. Their interest in small animals is very great and their professional training is usually excellent.

Veterinarian of small animals: Their offices are generally in the city with their working hours posted on their doors or walls (or websites). However, due to eneral motorization, it's becoming increasingly common to find them out of their offices. In general, home visits are not common (or only in extreme cases). Consider the following: even though you go by taxi, it will be much cheaper than if the veterinarian goes to your house. Additionally, in the veterinarian's office even the toughest of dogs can be controlled. It's easier to manipulate him, especially if the veterinarian has assistants. In your house, not only will the dog defend his skin, but he will also feel obligated to defend his territory at all costs. Therefore, as long as it's possible, you should go with the patient to the veterinarian's office, and not vice-versa.

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