Vigilance by Dog Intuition Sixth Sense

Do dogs have a sixth sense used in vigilance?: Feelings are sensations that take place before something is about to happen. However, dogs cannot be labeled as mediums that can tell when an earthquake or natural disaster is going to occur. People have said that before a natural disaster happened, their dogs started behaving differently as if they were able to feel the proximity of the disaster before it actually happened, but this behavior is an answer to deep sensorial sensations. Dogs have a special sensitivity that conditions them to perceive and discriminate the earths sounds that start off when something is about to happen. When an earthquake or avalanche are about to start the earth begins to move in determined places which are produced by the heat of the earth such as when the earth accommodates itself back into place, magnetic changes etc which are perceived by the dog.The movements and sounds that occur are taken as a sign of danger, making the dog aware of the upcoming disaster and he shows it by acting anxious and strangely in order to get the attention of his owner and get him out of there. Dogs react the same way when there are mud slides, avalanches, tornados, when bridges, buildings or houses are going to fall etc. This behavior is also seen when there are fires or when a disaster is about to occur. Animals in the wild act the same way; they flee when they feel the proximity of a disaster because they also are able to capture and recognize the messages of imminent danger. We should admire the special sensibility that dogs have that sets them apart and for their closeness to people to let them know about the proximity of danger. These are strong bonds that tie these friendships together when they are not left alone and well taken care of.

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