Taking Dog to Veterinarian

When a dog is well educate a veterinarian can easily examine it's mouth and ears, lift up it's paws, lie it on the table and take it's temperature. Adequate behavior in the vets' office is part of a puppies education.

Sanitary Prevention: Worm Treatment
Dogs are born with parasites and therefore need to be treated when they are still puppies. Worms reduce the capacity to resist infectious diseases. Especially if the dog lives with children. It is important to control the dogs excrement and look out for worms.

Sanitary Prevention: Vaccinations
Dogs are exposed to different diseases ever since they are puppies, regular vaccinations are the only way to provide efficient preventions. The five most dangerous ones are the following:

Distemper, viral infection which prevents itself in three forms. Intestinal distemper (with diarrhea), pulmonary ( with pneumonia), and nervous (with muscle contractions and paralyses).
Symptoms: fever, diarrhea, coughing, and teary eyes. In advanced states, spasms and motor function alteration. Distemper isn't specific of a puppy. Systematic vaccination calms it but doesn't eliminate it.

Contagious hepatitis, it is also a viral disease similar to distemper.
Symptoms: fever, inflammation in the nose and larynx, diarrhea and sensibility to pain in the stomach.

Stuttgart's canine pest or leptospirosis, is a bacterial infection caused by different leptospires, some of which are transmitted to people causing contagious jaundice.
Symptoms: fever, tiredness, vomiting, lack of hunger, tonsillitis, digestive problems and in many cases weak hind limbs. In the worst cases jaundice and motor function alterations. Vaccination stops the diseases as well as contagious risks.

Rabies is the worst of all viral sicknesses. It still has not been eradicated even though it's been tried many times.
Symptoms: abnormal behavior, uncontrollable tendency to bite, paralysis and spasms, and pain when swallowing . Preventive vaccination is very important for dogs because it breaks the transmission chain from a wild animal, for example a fox. In closed circles where rabies has been declared, vaccination is vital for the dog in determined circumstances, since dogs are suspects of carrying the disease. Likewise, it can only travel to foreign countries when the anti-rabies card is up to date.

Parvovirosis is a viral disease that is transmitted when there are a lot of dogs together.
Symptoms: bloody explosive diarrhea, intense vomiting which can also contain blood. The dog becomes apathetic, refuses to eat and suffers strong dehydration.

Vaccination Card: Vaccinations are painless; they get registered in the international vaccination card where you'll find not only the indications for obligatory vaccinations but also the information of where the dog was born, the kind of breed as well as the name of it's owner. In other words this document is to identify the dog. Only your veterinarian can extend it.

"Dogs that are out of the house a lot should be vaccinated frequently for parasites." Contraceptive Injections and Castration?

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