Walking Puppy & Dog Muzzles

Puppies and streets: One of the first things that you want to teach your puppy once it begins walking with you outside of your yard is how to safely cross the street. As you reach the curb tell your puppy to "Stay", having it stop next to your left leg. Your puppy should remain still until you give the command to "Go" at which time you would cross together. Do not allow your puppy to go ahead of you or lag far behind you when crossing roads.If you have a problem with your puppy trying to run across the road then you should try stopping a few feet in front of the curb and ordering the puppy to sit or stay. Once it has obeyed you, walk a step or two in front of it (the puppy should remain seated) and then return to it and order it to cross with you. If you repeat this exercise often enough the puppy will learn by reflex to stop before it reaches the curb. Eventually you should be able to safely walk with your dog up to the edge and order it to sit without fear. Whenever training and teaching your puppy use patience and remain calm. Becoming angry or upset with your puppy will only have negative consequences and should be avoided at all cost.

Dog Muzzles for puppies

Every area has its own local laws regarding dogs and it is important for you the puppy owner to find out what the law requires for your particular breed.
Some breeds are required by law to use muzzles and whether you like it or not the best time to have your dog become accustomed to wearing a muzzle is when it is a puppy. That cute little Rottweiler puppy will soon become a great big dog and it will be all that much more difficult to try and get it to become accustomed to wearing a muzzle. Use the same technique as you used with the collar and leash to help the puppy become familiar with (and lose its fear of) the muzzle. To help your puppy become familiar with wearing the muzzle you should put it on every time you go out on a walk.

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