Walking your dog

Dogs like and even love theleash, it is a key to the outside world and a symbol of freedom, even though they are attached to it. The leash means walks, adventures, meeting other dogs, trails, smells, and the realization of being canine, it consists of being a active animal. Everything is expressed in human terms but is felt in a "canine way", as long as the walks are the way they should be. It's not possible to have a dog that never goes out of the house, as if it were a cat.

Rules to Go Out To the Street
You should walk your dog four times a day so that it can unwind satisfactorily and compensate it's 10-12 hours of sleep. If you don't, in a few years you'll find yourself with a sick dog.

Urination: dogs and sometimes high-ranked female dogs, release their urine in determined amounts distributed along their walk where other dogs have urinated before. Behavior studies determine this action as marking their territory and being able to establish various marks is important for the dog to achieve self-consciousness.

Where to walk your dog

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