Water Rescue Dogs

Dogs have a natural instinct to find and bring stuff so they are therefore able to grab a hold of a person and drag them to the shore, or the person can grab onto their neck or their hair to get taken out. Obviously these dogs need to love water naturally and be good swimmers and learn in all types of water conditions such as in storms etc to be able to overcome big waves.
Water Rescue dogs are very strong and vigorous but they are extremely docile and not aggressive at all.
These dogs go through atraining programafter having first gotten a full veterinary check up to make sure they have enough resistance, are able to swim and are docile. Keep in mind that these dogs have to learn to save a person that is drowning that will fight and probably even hit while in the shock of the moment. The dog needs to be firm and decided but not get defensive with the person that hurts him.
The dog first learns to find objects that have been thrown into the sea so hecan find them and bring them to his guide. Later on the dog will go into the water with his trainer and in a determined moment the trainer will simulate he is drowning and make a huge scandal to get the attention of the dog. When the dog gets near the trainer grabs onto the dogs neck while the dog pulls him out onto the shore.
The dog is also taught to pull on the persons arm or wrist. Then he is taught to go under the water and to grab the person's clothes or arm to the surface, he learns to place his head under the victim's neck and shoulders to keep the person's head above water supposing the person were to have already passed out.
The dogs have a harness equipped with a handle for the person and a floater to be used if the person is unconscious. All of the rescues are done in team work with a person.

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