Ways of Solving Dog Boredom

It will be difficult for you to eliminate the boredom problems of your dog if you don't eliminate the causes as well. Give your dog the chance to exercise, explore, smell, follow traces and mark the territory with his urine. It is absolutely important for them to increase their level of self-confidence so that they can stop fearing loneliness.

Consider castrating your dog if he barks, digs, runs away or destroys because of his sexual instincts. You will be able to reeducate your dog and help him get over his antisocial behavior if you have eliminated the cause It is important to remember that your dog's behavior is caused by his anxiety and frustration and not because he has a sense of revenge.

The "Shut Up" Order.
If your dog barks or howls persistently when you leave him alone, train him to obey the "shut up" order and then pretend to leave. Call the dog's attention, order him to "shut up" and go out through the door.

If your dog barks, let a metallic tray fall or throw a set of keys to the dog in order to scare him. When your dog quiets down, go back to where he is and congratulate him and then go away again. You will need time and patience for this exercise to be successful.


After the Meal, Rest
It is not common for dogs to be as active when their stomachs are satisfied as when they are hungry; therefore, they will dig less if they have just eaten.

If you are going to leave your dog alone during the whole day, it would be better to feed him in the morning instead of in the afternoon.

Creative Activity
Control your dog's instinct of wanting to digs in the flowers or the grass of your garden by giving him his own sandbox.


The Barricade
Keep your dog from jumping the garden fence by putting metallic fabric tightened down with bricks along the base. This will make it more difficult for your dog to dig or try to jump over the fence.

Noisy Intervention
Put several cans on a string at about a meter off the floor and about 30 centimeters from the fence. If the dog jumps and touches the string, the sound of the cans will be an instant punishment the dog will not forget.


Safe Environment
When you go hunting, put the dog in his cage with his favorite toy. You can also apply a bitter spray on the things the dog usually chews on.

Physical Activity
Dogs need physical activity and the best way of reducing the problem of boredom is to take them out everyday to do exercise.

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