What a man gives his dog

Even though it has adapted to human food a domestic dog needs a specific alimentation, according to it's characteristics. On this topic owners and breeders defend different opinions, which I will classify in four groups:

  1. People who are easygoing, greedy or conservative. They feed their dog with scraps and think that leftovers will replace a meal. This is the worse method, it is the least healthy because a dog can't tolerate spices, salt or sugar.
  2. Owners who think a dog is exclusively carnivorous. They provide large amounts of entrails and boneless meat, leading the dog into a slow and steady sickness (kidney stones and eczema). When fed with raw meat there is a greater risk of infection.
  3. People who buy special products and cook specifically for the dog. They consider their food is "the best possible way of feeding" (whether it is or not depends on how much you know about adequate dog nutrition).
  4. Supporters of prepared meals. They are progressive and have the easy way out; this food is balanced and contains everything your dog needs. It's the best, but unfortunately not appropriate for delicate stomachs.

Dogs and their diet

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