What Care a Puppy Needs from the Veterinarian

puppy at the vetAll puppies have an amount of basic necessities. Just like us: they need food and water to survive and good care to stay healthy and in shape. When your new puppy arrives you must keep feeding him the same food he was fed in his breeder's house for a couple of days so he doesn't get sick with the sudden change. A puppy must have fresh water bowl at all times. It may seem bothersome to have to be pending everyday that the dog has fresh water, but it's a must, if you want him to stay healthy. Puppies like children must be vaccinated to keep from getting sick or infected. A puppy's vaccine consists of several injections that are placed in the back of the dog's neck. Now it's possible that the dog is frightened at the beginning but not to worry since he feels no pain.

Puppies must also pay visits to vets if they are not feeling well. The vet will examine him just as a doctor will examine a human, he will look in his eye and touch his stomach before beginning with a treatment or explain to you the treatment he must do. If your dog is sick, you must place yourself in his shoes. Try to imagine how you would like to be treated if you were the sick one. Maybe your dog would like to be left alone, or for you to limit yourself to softly petting him. It's also possible that he won't want to play at all at this moment. Make sure that he stays real warm and take him back to the vet if he doesn't improve after the first visit and spends more than one day without eating.

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