What are Dog Show Breeds: Pure-breed dog?

Any ability trained dog can participate in this competition. Pure-breed dog that are well adapted to agility are the ones in groups I and II of the FCI, which are warding, defense, and utility dogs, even though the rest could also compete. From these two groups, we could list a great number of breeds. But we will focus on the ones that adapt the best to this discipline: We cannot speak about Agility without mention the rough collie, an easily trained dog, who likes to jump, or a German Shepherd, a dog that adapts to any kind of job and sees it as a game. But, undoubtedly, the king of agility is the Border Collie. The prince would be the Bearded Collie.

On the other hand, we have already mentioned that a crossbreed dog adapts to any kind of job easily. And we also know that tamers fell very proud of their crossbred dogs. A dog will always try to make its owner happy, but this is even more so when it comes to a crossbreed dog, possibly because a home and a loving family is the best this dog could ask for. This is why the ability, a sport in which the dog and the owner work together, is so perfect for crossbreed dogs.

Agility, is a fun game, rather than a competition. It is a game in which the main objective is for the dog and the owner to forget about their daily worries and have fun. Many people will criticize this, but until this discipline, there wasn't any sport which included both the dog and the owner without aggressiveness.

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