How to Remove piece of Grass from a Dog Leg?. Dog Leg Problem.

Grass fragments are relatively normal strange bodies, that can hurt a dog if introduced in the skin. It is a typical dog leg problem you can treat at home. A sudden lameness, and the continuous licking of his leg, may indicate the presence of this fragment. If you can see it, take it out with clothespins, while somebody else holds the dog. Unfortunately, in many cases you won't see anything, cause the grass fragment may have gone to an upper part of the leg. It would be necessary a veterinarian exam using special forceps. But even with these, it is not always possible to detect the fragment responsible of the irritation. Some other strange bodies, like crystals, thorns and pins, may also be dangerous for dogs. Needles, for example, can be ingested accidentally, and may thrust in the mouth. If possible, don't try to take the object out of the mouth, cause the tongue is a very vascular organ that can bleed abundantly. Symptoms of the presence of a strange body will depend greatly on the zone where it is located. In this case, you can expect suffocation and scratches in the face.

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