What Dogs Can Compete in Contest

Theoretically, any dog can compete in an ability contest, as long as it has good physical and emotional conditions. If the dog is used to noise and other unusual situations, there is an advantage.It is a general rule that in order to participate in an agility competition, a dog has to be healthy, presenting no wounds at all. Pregnant females cannot participate, for it could be dangerous for the mother herself as much as for the puppies.

It is important to know that any dog (pure or cross breed) can participate. In the code that was elaborated for Europe, it is literally established that
"(...)give this championship the necessary publicity in order to gain the assistance of a great mass of public, with the spirit of promoting both agility as well as the pure breed dog"

It is obvious that any dog can participate in this event, but we can see that the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) values a pure-breed over a crossbreed.

Many breeders state it is better for them to work with crossbreed dogs. This has a logic: a crossbreed dog inherits a variety of characteristics, for it doesn't come from two very similar parents. This does not mean pure-breed dogs are better, it just shows that both of this kinds of dogs have different intelligence and behavior.

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