What Dog Equipment needs a Puppy

A permanentdog bedis a good idea and often needed dog equipment, but be sure to choose one that can be completely washed if it is plagued by fleas. Remember your dog grows, so choose a bed big enough to accommodate the adult dog. Plastic or osier beds are generally used, but recently there's a tendency to use cushions instead. Your dog can also play on the cushions, but be sure these cushions have a strong cover and are not easily torn. Cushions seem more comfortable than traditional beds, and are very useful for dogs suffering of arthritis, as they are not restricted to just one position as on a bed.A properdog collaranddog leashare essential to take your dog out for a walk. The collar should be strong enough, specially in case of big dogs. Traditionally, leather is used to make these collars, but nylon is also hard, and can be washed easily. Consider buying harness if you have a searching dog, or any other prone to neck problems, as these will help to relieve tension in that sensible zone. Alarge cedar dog houseandmodular outdoor dog kennelare excellent additions. Also a choke collar could be useful during the training period, but it's not always recommendable, and should be used carefully avoiding hurting the dog. Never use an electric collar to training, the only thing you'll get out of it, is to upset the dog, besides it is illegal in some countries. A brushing set is essential for a grown dog, and can also serve for puppies, as they can get used to it from an early age. The necessary instrumental depends on the length of the dog's hair. There are metallic combs of many sizes used to brush up a long hair easily. Plastic combs usually break up, so you better forget them. While combing your dog you get rid off "dead hairs" and also helps to clear up your dog's hair; while a simple brushing up is enough for dogs of certain breeds that do not change their hair conventionally. There are some other brushes that can be used to treat these "dead hairs"; they are made of rubber or horsehair, and are known as brushing gloves because they fit perfectly to your hands. They are also used to clean the hair and polish it. Another type of brush that fits your hand is the dandy pad, used frequently with terriers, the name coming after the Dandie Dinmont terrier.

When taking your dog in your car, place him on the back seats with a protection net or adog harness. Buy a rectangular or square net instead of bars, especially if your dog is from a delicate nose breed, like the Whippet, because they can get trapped. These nets for dogs not necessarily have to be fixed; they just have to be placed between the roof and the floor of your car with screws. In case of smaller dogs, you can use a transportable net cage ordog carrier, more comfortable, allowing you to carry several dogs with ease and security in a reduced space. Many people use this system to carry them in a van, with the back seats down, when going to an exhibition.

Another essential object is a towel, to dry up the dog after a bath or rain. Also coats are necessary, especially in winter, for breeds such as the little Italian Whippet with thin hair. Puppies will fight hardly against thesecoats, so it's necessary that they are of the proper size and well fit to their bodies. Some models have a luminous accessory which alerts drivers of the presence of the dog and his owner, very useful especially in highways.

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