What exactly is an apparent dog pregnancy, and how does it happen?

What exactly is an apparent pregnancy, & how does it happen?

An apparent pregnancy or pseudo pregnancy comes as a result of an ovary disturbance. Normally, after ovulation has taken place, structures known as luteos bodies, evolved in the place where ovules have been freed to restore the follicles that contained the developing ovules. These luteos bodies produce the progesterone hormone, which assures that zygotes are properly placed in the uterus wall, and stimulates milk production in the mammary glands. In case of a pseudo pregnancy, the luteos bodies continue to produce hormone till three months later. Sometimes, the female dog shows typical signs of pregnancy, like a growing of the mammas, and in some cases, a real production of milk. These usually happens when a litter is expected as a result of a mating that took place in her previous heat, but can also happen till 10 weeks later. Even the mood of the female suffers some changes; she can become uneasy, and starting to search for an adequate place to nurture her imaginary puppies. Frequently, toys assume that role, and trying to take them away, will cause an aggressive reaction. Your veterinarian can prescribe some pills to help the female in this phase, but in the long term extirpating ovary could be considered. Reproduction can worsen the problem in successive heats, and some people think persistent fake pregnancies make a female dog prone to a uterus infection called piometra.

How should I feed my female dog during pregnancy?

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