Effects of Dog Sterilization & dog neutering

Does dog sterilization or dog neutering have an effect on obesity? Everything seems to indicate that the amount of energy consumed by a sterilized dog is less than that of a normal dog. Therefore the sterilized dogs must be placed into special diets with fewer calories than a normal dog would have. This is due the lack of sexual hormones after castration, since it reduces the amount of energy spent.

Obese and Sick: The looks of the dog can be one of the reasons that help the owner decide in putting his/her dog in a diet. Even though we don't care about the dog's aspect, we must also place it in a diet because obesity causes several illnesses. Obesity decreases the lifetime of a dog and also gives the dog a higher risk of suffering from cancer, according to recent research. It also causes vascular accidents and makes breathing harder. Obesity can be the cause of several articulation problems. The obese animal is more vulnerable to infections and has a sensibility to different kinds ofmedication.

Remedies: Nourishment is the primary factor that must be modified. The owner has to realize that making the dog lose weight is a necessity. Appetite is a sign of good health, even though a dog that is constantly eating cannot be considered healthy. The dog will probably take the restriction in the wrong way and will use its persuasion methods. Nevertheless the owner must not give in. Every regiment requires some type of support and in this case industrial nutrition is very helpful, even though it has not been used before. There are different types of specific diets to make the dog lose weight; these permit the owner to feed the dog in a balanced way, with good food and low calories. In order to change the dog's feeding habits we will need one week of transition to prevent diarrhea. This new food is introduced into the usual food daily.

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