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Does it mean I should not wash my dog in winter? Unfortunately, dry washing does not replace a traditional bath. " Dry dog shampoo " It's used, generally, at exhibitions as it's not worthy. Consists on applying a powder (with ingredients that eliminate excess of grease and dirt in the hair) on the body, then rubbing it, and after some minutes taking the shampoo of with a brush.The white color of this powder makes it inadequate for dogs of dark colors, causing the dogs to sneeze, specially when applied close to the head. Getting rid of the remaining dust from the hair may require a great number of brushings, and in consequence, generate an static electric charge that will make grooming more difficult. Never use a nylon brush. As you may see, dry washing has limited action, and really doesn't eliminates most of the dirt in the hair; it only helps to improve white color dogs shape without wetting them completely.

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