Bone Cancer in Dogs.

Generally they are degenerative diseases as osteoarthrosis or dog bone cancer... a lost of the cartilages covering some articulations, specially those in the hip and the point of the chin. This affects older dogs specially and causes lameness, which is even more notorious after a resting period. Normally, it gets better with movement, but some medicine to relief pain in the worst cases, could be better.If the dog is overweight, the problem worsens, as articulations have to support a bigger weight than usual. It's is possible that a disc displacement occurs in a group of a small younger dogs, but weakness remains during the whole life of the affected dog. Disks occupy the intervertebral spaces and avoid friction, acting as cushions. However, if there is a weakness in the external covering, the internal nucleus of the disc expands and presses the spinal medulla. This pressure causes a strong pain, and derives in paralysis of the front or back legs, depending if the implicated disc is towards the neck or tail. It's a very common disease in Dachshund, and it could be related to the huge length of their bodies. Treatment can be tolerated. Be sure the dog is calm, and keep him in a small space so he cannot hurt himself anymore. Medical treatment relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Due to the sensibility of the neck region of the Dachshund, specially adults, it is necessary to use harness, instead of a collar, to take the pressure out of a sensible part of his anatomy.

Do many dogs die of cancer?

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