Problems are caused by suprarenal cortex dysfunction? Dog back problem?

Will it have noticeable effects on the body? Suprarenal glands are located near the kidneys. The external part of them, known as cortex, produces two hormones. Though relatively small, the suprarenal glands have wide effects, and any disturbance produces majorconsequences. These two hormones are the cortisol and the aldosterone. If the production is low, produces the Addison disease. Dog back problem is more frequent in female dogs than males, and symptoms usually appear after exercise. Vomiting and lack of appetite are the consequence of the cortisol deficiency, while an aldosterone deficiency leads to dehydration. Once diagnosed, it is possible to provide a synthetic replacement. On the contrary, an excessive production of hormones causes the Cushing syndrome. Among the character are an unequal loss of hair on both sides, and an abdominal muscles weakness, that gives the dog a paunchy aspect. Though this is also a serious illness, it is possible to follow some kind of treatment.

My dog looks too lazy

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