What problems can I face during Pupping puppy dog whelping?

Normally, Puppy Dog Whelping occurs without any troubles, but it also depends of breeds. A reason to get worried is if a female delays delivery more than two days from expected, but this is not necessarily serious. If you are worried then call your veterinarian. If the female does not intend to break the membrane around the puppy after delivery, do it yourself immediately, starting by the end of the head. Clean the puppy's face, specially his nostrils, and then rub him vigorously with a towel to activate his breathing.Carefully place a finger in his mouth, and slightly open the gullet with the same purpose. If after that, the puppy still does not breaths, you must inflate his nasal orifices. With premature litters it could be impossible to make them breath, cause they lack sufficient amounts of surfactants to inflate the lungs appropriately. Veterinarians can give them convenient breathing stimulants, but even this cannot guarantee they'll live. If the female leaves intact the umbilical cordon, wash your hands and cut it. It's not so vital as breaking the membrane around the puppy, but it should be done with the same care. The action of biting of the female provokes that the muscular smooth tissue starts to spasm, stopping the capillary blood flowing. Cutting the umbilical cord doesn't have the same effect. Catch the extreme of the cord nearer to the puppy, some 5 cm. from their body, and then with your right hand cut it pressing near the united placenta, with your left hand still. Never pull the cord totally, this may cause an umbilical hernia. You can also cut the umbilical cord with clean scissors, after tying it previously closer to the puppy. Placentas are important, cause if one of them remains in the mother's body, may cause a serious infection. The veterinarian can eliminate some placenta remaining in the body with a shot. If the female dog is not able to sit and is still tense, maybe there's another puppy clogging in the delivery channel.

How can I help a puppy getting out?

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