Before bringing home a new Puppy

I opted for one of the litter but he is not yet self-sufficient: Frequently, potential clients examine a litter of dogs before weaning, which enables the new owner to make the necessary arrangements before taking him home. Before bringing home a new puppy, many breeders will provide you a diet with details of the food he's been taking.Keep that diet during the first days, to avoid some digestive upsets, and change it gradually, never abruptly. Check the vaccines already applied to the dog, and if possible, ask for a certificate indicating date and type of vaccine, which, in the future, could be of great help for your veterinarian, specially because now there are all sorts of vaccines available. It's also important to know how many times the dog has been treated against parasites, and the date of the last one. In case of pedigree dogs, appropriate certificates will be given to you: the pedigree. That is the genealogy tree of the animal, and all the details of the register or a transfer card declaring the property cession to the competent authorities. This is very important for dogs that in the future, could be presented in exhibitions, cause if they are not properly registered they will be considered mixed-breeds.

Comfort for your dog

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