What Should I Buy: a Male or Female Dog?

In this sense there isn't a correct or mistaken answer. What you have to do is compare the pros and cons of each case. It really is a matter of what you prefer. A female dog enters in heat twice a year, and each heat lasts approximately two weeks.

There are pills and injections that can interrupt an unwanted pregnancy, as long as it is detected on time and under supervision of the veterinarian.

If you have the intention of breeding dogs, it is convenient to go to your local canine society and inform yourself about which males are best for your female.

In general terms, males are less friendly and bigger than females.

Even though you might have two same-breed dogs, it doesn't mean that they can be crossed. You need to check with the veterinarian in order to avoid problems like blindness, deafness, and other congenital malformations.

Looking for the Right Dog
When looking into buying a dog, you have to decide where it is you're going to buy it, analyzing each of the possibilities in order to obtain a positive result and to avoid unwanted surprises. You can't just go to the street as if you were going to buy and electrical appliance. You have to go to breeders, individuals, specialized stores or the animal protection societies.

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