How to Leash Train a Dog

A basic and strict training should precede theleash trainingperiod. It's specially important that your dog stands still when ordered. Extensible leashes are useful to teach them this, but a normal leash can be used. Once the young dog is sitting, walk around him ordering him to be still. At the beginning, maybe he will follow you, refusing to sit still.Stop the exercise, order him to sit down again and repeat the process. With an extensible leash you can go further apart, ordering him to sit still, and calling him always by his name. Once this period is through, you have to combine the words "quiet" and "come here". You can pull the leash softly if he refuses to come. Show him your satisfaction when he acts as ordered. When you free your dog from his leash for the first time in an open zone, first choose a quiet place far from traffic, repeating first the orders with the dog and using the leash. Then you can go away a short distance before leaving him free. Be sure you are in constant contact with him, ordering him to come back and rewarding him with treats as much as possible. Grab him from the collar before giving him the treat. Some young dogs enjoy getting back with their owners, but they refuse to be caught. If he runs away, don't try to catch him, just call him. After the initial energy waste, he will probably return. If you go out after him, he will take it as a way of playing. Nevertheless, some dogs are hard to be trained with leashes, due to their innate natural tendency to walk around the places they are passing through.

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