What should I do if my dog bleeds too much?

You may not be conscious that there is a severe internal hemorrhage, though the mucous membranes, like the gums, will abnormally have a pale shape, and color won't get back if you press them with your finger. Superficial wounds that usually are noted after a traffic accident may cause bleeding, but usually in small quantity, as blood coagulates immediately. However, if an artery is broken, bleeding will be abundant. In this case, your intervention could be vital to save your dog's life. Wrap the dog up with a clean towel or cloth the place from where hemorrhage apparently comes, and hold it firmly. This may help to stimulate the formation of a blood clot. Find somebody to phone the nearest veterinarian. Carry him carefully to minimize the loss of blood. Tourniquets are dangerous, and as possible, try to avoid them.

What are the symptoms of commotion in a dog?

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