How to Separate a Dog Fight: Dog to dog aggression

There are many dogs where I live. What should I do if my dog gets in a fight? In most cases, dogs will solve the problem without fighting, but if your dog is involved in a fight, keep walking and then call him. He will follow you and will retreat. Contrary to general opinion, is not good trying to separate two dogs fighting; you can only worsen the situation and get a bite. If everything fails, drop a bucket of water over them.The main danger of Dog to Dog Aggression is that an aggressive animal can refuse to accept surrender. This is particularly noted in breeds nurtured, originally, to fight. When walking with your dog, be sure he is next to you. This way you can prevent fights. Normally, male dogs are the worst offenders, and some of them can attack others any time, no matter all intents to teach them the opposite. If, unfortunately, you have this kind of dog, keep him away from others. Castration is probably the only efficient alternative, as that aggressiveness is surely caused by hormonal problems.

What other kinds of aggression are there?

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