What to do with your Dog when going on Vacations

When vacations come around, if you have to be away for a considerable amount of time, you have to think about what to do with your dog; taking him with you or leaving him in an appropriate place. You have the obligation of taking this matter seriously and not just leave it for the last moment because it can affect the dog.

Where to Leave Your Dog
Right now we are going to focus on the case of your dog not going with you. You can look for a friend or family member or leave your beloved and dog in a dog hotel. In this case you will have to consider your animal's needs, the type of food he receives as well as the times for the food, the medicines and the vitamins the dog takes, how many times a day he goes out and the length of the walks.

A very prudent thing to do would be to leave the address and the phone number of your dog's veterinarian, just in case the dog gets sick.

If the people you are going to leave the dog with have a dog themselves, it is better to leave them together for a couple of days before the trip to see how they get along living together. For example, two dogs that get along well during their walks to the park can have conflicts when one of them gets into the other's territory. Rivalries that are caused when dogs defend their territory are the most frequent fights among dogs.

It is important to leave the dog's documents just in case something comes up and the person in charge of the dog might have to present the vaccination card or any other document. You also have to leave the address and the phone number of the place you are going to stay at in case something serious happens. If you decide to take your dog to a dog hotel, you have to do some extensive research until you find the one that is more suitable to your dog's and your own needs.

The breeder or the place where you bought the dog is a good source of information. Many times, the breeders themselves will accept a paying guest, those dogs that have gone out of their houses and no one better than them will be aware of that particular breed's needs. In case they don't or can't accept your dog, they will always be able to give you information about the most suitable dog hotel.

The prices of dog hotels vary, depending on the characteristics of the dogs; if they are big, if they require special care, etc. A big dog needs a larger quantity of food than a small one and also requires a bigger kennel. Long-haired dogs need to be groomed.

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