Toxic Substances for Dogs. Poisonous Food and Plant for Dogs

Among normal products of the house there are some poisonous substances that fatally attract dogs. For example, anti freezing has etilenglicol that has a sweet taste, which dogs like so much. However, in the body turns into oxalic acid, normally poisonous, and ingestion of only 28 gr. is mortal for a dog of 7 kg. of weight. The metaldehido, usually mixed with arsenic and used in slug's fodder, is also attractive for them and should be watched. If diagnose on time, it is possible to revert the effects, depending on the substance, but it's basic to give the veterinary as much information as possible. In some cases, you may not notice the dog has ingested the toxic agent. Some lead paintings, for instance, may be fatal if the dog bites the wood. Some internal plants, and others outside, are also poisonous. Intoxication rate among young dogs is very high, due to their natural curiosity, and their biting instincts, increasing the risk when not properly watched. In case of emergency, call the nearest veterinary clinic, explaining the nature of the poison.

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