When Dog is Out?

One thing all dog owners have in common is the need to take their dog out. One problem all dog owners have in common is what to do when they are out with their dog. Many dog owners love to let their dog run free. Others like to let their dog experience the open air without the controls of a leash or muzzle. But one thing all dog owners can agree on is that when their dog is out he isn't in his own territory and this can cause problems. One of the problems is when more than one dog owner go to the same place. Or when there are children or adults present at the location where their dog is.

So dogs are naturally aggressive while other dogs are naturally inquisitive. Other dogs are shy while others are scared of the unknown. With all of these variables there are bound to be problems if all the dogs that are out are running free. In some areas the local governments have passed laws which dictate how a dog should be restrained while out. These laws often differ between breeds of dogs as well. For example a Chihuahua may justneed a leather leash whereas a Doberman might need a metal chain of a certain thickness as well as a muzzle.

While it would be wonderful if we could just let roam free all dogs while out. This would certainly bring much pain and heart ache not only for dog owners who would run the risk of their dog being hit by traffic. But also small dog owners would have to worry about some big ferocious dog coming and mauling theirs. Probably the most compelling case for dogs wearing leashes and or muzzles is for the protection of small children. Every year many people are attacked by dogs but these attacks usually end with injuries which heal with time. On the other hand children and especially small children when attacked are often fatally injured and if the do recover are traumatize for life.

So although we as dog owners may have our personal preferences of how we want our dogs to enjoy their time out we must be responsible and take care that we don't cause our liberty to harm another. When our dogs are out it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of other dogs and people.

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