When is it the Best Time to Start Training?

When you start to train your dog, make sure that the dog knows that the prizes are at hand. Praise him when he obeys your orders. When he responds to the signals you make with your hands and voice, give him some food prizes.

Never scold him if he disobeys, because he still doesn't know why you're angry. It is better to train the dog when he is hungry as that way he will be mentally alert and will respond better to the food prizes.

If you administer two meals a day, you will have two good occasions for these sessions. Dogs have a very short attention span, which means you'll only be able to train him for periods of up to 15 minutes at a time, twice a day. A tip, don't try to train your dog if you or your dog are distracted.

Visual Contact
Only give orders to your dog if he is looking at you. Don't over-stimulate him with food prizes. These prizes should be given to the dog in your hand, along with a verbal command.

Body Language
Foresee your dog's behavior by observing his body language. Give him orders when you notice that he is starting to get distracted, not when he has already disobeyed.

Giving Prizes in the Moment
Give your dog his prize as soon as he obeys your order. At the beginning it is convenient to give food prizes with verbal congratulations. After a while, reduce the amount of food, but keep on giving praise and kind strokes.

Anticipate Your Dog's Movements
Order your dog to be quiet as soon as he notices another dog; you have to do this before the dog pulls on the leash or is provoked.

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