When should puppy weaning process start -when to wean puppy?

Normally starts when the puppies are three weeks old. Don't be surprised if the mother vomits the food that they eat afterwards, this is normal behavior. Buy one of the special canned foods for puppies available at markets. Maybe you'll have to feed them, so present it to them in the point of one finger, so they can smell it first, otherwise they won't accept it. The mother's attitude towards them will also change in the following weeks: she'll go away for longer periods, and will not nurse them gladly.This brings a lower production of milk, encouraging the puppies to search for food somewhere else. Their first teeth will start to come out at six weeks, when they are getting more independent. In this period, puppies should have four daily meals, with the first and last based on some powder mixed with water, to replace milk. Increase the amount of meat in the diet with some recently cooked food. The exact amount will depend on the number of puppies. Feed them away from their mother, to prevent her taking it all. The frequency is reduced gradually; foods based on milk are eliminated when the puppies are approximately four months, and at six months of age, the young dog has two daily meals. As information, puppies demand twice more food than an adult dog of the same size.

Can I raise the puppies by myself?

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