When the Dog Is a Stranger

It is dangerous to leave a child alone with an unknown dog. You have to take certain precautions. Never touch an unknown dog. In an inevitable encounter with a dog, let the animal smell you and remain calm. Don't feel threatened because the dog can detect your fear and things could get worse. Never approach a dog from behind. Don't go running in front of a dog. Don't go running in front of a dog. Don't disturb a dog when he is eating or when he is urinating or defecating. Don't disturb a dog when he is sleeping or scare him when he is about to fall asleep.

When visiting a house where there is a dog, try not to walk or sit on him. Don't disturb any dog or hit him with a stick or make violent movements. It is definitely not a good idea to threaten your child with the idea that a dog will bite them if they don't eat their food or don't do as you say. This will make the child be scared of all dogs in general.

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