When to Start Training a Puppy

Appropriate age for puppy training: When a puppy reaches seven to eight months of age, he is not longer as mischievous as he used to be. This is the moment when the young dog now shows his owner how collaborative he can be and the qualities he has developed and little by little his behavior starts shaping into more positive and firmer bases. Within the indispensable types of training the owner teaches his or her dog, he must be sure to teach the dog to get used to touch, be persevering, and be tolerant, flexible and patient.
If the dog does not get used to being touched, the dog will not get used to being around people and a lot of different problems could arise such as when the dog needs to go to the veterinarian, if he has an accident etc.

A lack of perseverance from the owner will decrease the ability to stick to training and the dog will never be successfully trained. Tolerance includes the ability to over come the negatives situations rescuing the positive aspects of the dog. Flexibility includes the ability for the owner to readjust himself to whatever the situation requires. A lack of patience can cause the owner to yell and scream at him and stress the dog out. When the owner corrects the dog it is important he or she correct him at the very moment the dog is committing a mistake. The owner should only pull on the leash so as to get the dog's attention while at the same time saying "No, No!"
If the dog does not seem to be attentive one day, it's possible he is sick.

You should not use phrases to command the dog, only words and always the same one for a specific command.

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