When your dog stops eating

Your dog suddenly stops eating, scratches his head, it is evident that he can't swallow and he seems really altered… Is it a case of rabies? No, I would initially suspect it's an unknown object that has gotten stuck somewhere in his mouth.Most of the times it's a bone, but it can also be twigs or stones. Try to take the object out with your fingers, if you dare do so. Otherwise, the veterinarian will definitely be able to do it using strong tongs.

Tongue tied dog: When you notice signs as curious as the ones mentioned in the previous section (strange objects in the mouth), you should also observe the tongue. Except for in the Chow-Chow, this organ is flexible and pale pink. If you notice it is dark red and maybe a swelling, then maybe your dog is tongue tied. Has your dog by any chance eaten lung? In such a case you can suspect that maybe he stuck his tongue into one of the cartilage rings of the windpipe. This can also occur with any kind of thread or string. Go immediately to the veterinarian!

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