Dog Hotel, where to leave the Dog Hotels. Traveling with your dog.

Alternatives for holidays:It is sad to see the quantity o dogs that are abandoned during the summer. In some cities, it is worrying. It is true that during the holidays it is difficult to find a hotel that will accept pets, and so is transportation. Nobody can deny pets in some cases are trouble. Nevertheless, we must know there are alternatives. Having a dog comes with responsibilities, and habits that every owner should acquire. Planing a holiday is about changing habits, however. If you decide to travel with the animal, you'll have to see a specialist first. With a well educated dog you can visit many places.

Canine Residences: It is evident that we can't travel always with our dog. If there weren't any relatives or friends who were willing to take care of it, there is always the alternative of a Canine Residence.

Dog Hotel: Canine residences are a good alternative, but you have to take care of somedetails: first of all, make sure the place comes with the legal requirements, in terms of both hygiene and ways towards your dog. It 'd be a good idea to visit the residence you chose 2 or 3 times with your dog, a month or so before your travel, this way your pet will familiarize with the place and won't feel uneasy once you leave it there.

Traveling with your dog

Housing, Hotels and transportation: If you intend to stay at a hotel, pension or campsite, you must make sure pets are allowed. Sometimes if you point out your dog is educated, you won't have any problems.

Travel Dog by Car: Nowadays, cars are the most popular means of transport. This is perfect four your dog, and if you make a habit out of this, it won't be long before the dog will anticipate an adventure when you take him to a car. If the first times it gets in the car it gets dizzy and throws up, it may be because of a noise or an odor. The problem is psychological, most of the times. The best way for it to get used to this is to get your dog to get on the car by itself. Always with praises, sweet words and maybe a treat.

You may want to practice for a week or so. Ten or fifteen minutes should be enough. If the way is long, you'll have to stop with certain frequency, to give it water, take it for a walk and relax a bit. Don't forget to put a leash on it, for the risk of an accident is high. The best place for the dog is the back. Pets must not travel in the front seat, unless someone is taking care of them..

Travel Dog By train: Nowadays some lines admit pets, but the requirements vary, make sure you always carry the vaccination card. Usually the dog pays half the fare. But in some countries, like Ireland, the owner and the dog have to be in a separate compartment. If the dog is small, you can take it in a backpack, if not, it will have to lie at the feet of the owner, or be treated as luggage. Times are restricted, as this would be impossible during rush hours.

Travel Dog by Plane: Small dogs can travel with the owner, and big ones have to do it separately, in an adequate cage. Try not to travel during weekends, and make sure the dog is properly fed and has had enough water before traveling, you can take it for a long walk too, as exercise. If the animal is to nervous or fearful, you may want to visit the vet to get a prescription for a sedative.

Travel Dog by ship: Usually, ships have a special compartment for pets. If the journey is long, you can visit your dog and take it for a walk, with a permission. You can also take the dog to the vet for sedatives.

Traveling Dog abroad: Make sure you know with the legislation about receiving animals is in the country of your destination. You might want to do some research on the vaccines your dog might need in that country.

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