Where to walk your dog

If you're in the countryside there is no problem because you can go to any green area or forest and let the dog run freely. To be able to let it run freely you have to be aware of the local circumstances, as well as the dog, for example if there are hunters in the area or if it's a hunting dog, in this case you shouldn't let it free.

In the City things are more difficult. A dog has more things to rummage around (there's a larger canine population), but it's also exposed to gas emissions, suffers from the traffic noise and cant free it self from the leash, which by the way isn't a tragedy. In the city we get around in cars or going to parks, gardens or squares where other dog owners also go. All this offers a good environment for a dog to be in contact with others and learn to behave in a society.

Your own garden, even if it's very spacious doesn't substitute a walk. Even though it moves freely around the garden the dog will miss the new experience it receives from a walk, which are important for it to become a psychologically healthy dog. A garden is very practical to let your dog lose first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.
The dog can play in garden but not mark it, something very important for the conscience of the male. Besides most dogs resist doing their necessities in their own house on in their territory.

The balcony: only in exceptional cases. There are people who's dogs run lose on the balcony with paper laid out underneath them. This can only be done when it is a small dog and when sickness doesn't allow it out on the street. If it is not under these circumstances you shouldn't have a dog like this. "The balcony dog" will end up being psychologically disturbed.

How to Walk Your Dog

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