Which Dog is Right for Me or You

Because of each dog's characteristics and needs, and because each one is different, it is easy to determine which is appropriate for a family and which one isn't. But, basically a dog is a friendly and sociable animal that needs to live in a group and be clear about who is it's owner and that he needs to obey. Besides evaluating which dog or just breed of dog is right for you, remember that like every living being, he has daily requirements, not only not eating, sleeping and defecating, but also getting exercise, exploring new territories, playing and relating socially with other individuals of his own kind as well as with other humans.You have a choice in acquiring a pure breed or a mixed breed, but it's good to analyze these factors:

  • The characteristics of each breed, be its size, coat and raising.
  • Function that it was originally bred for be it guard dog, hunting dog, work dog, or companion dog.
  • Natural behavior of the dog be it aggressiveness, it's capability to get trained, and it's exploratory conduct.

The physical characteristics, physiological and behavioral ones, vary depending on the sex of the dog. This will also help you decide if it's more convenient for you to acquire a male or female. But not all these differences can be categorized, with the exception of the reproductive ones:

Female Dogs: When in heat they have a typical conduct that is seen in:

  • Attracted to male dogs
  • Experiment blood loss
  • Changes in their behavior

If a female is going to have puppies, she must be under close supervision during her pregnancy and the birth of her puppies. Of course, also while she is feeding them, and raising her puppies.

In general, female dogs are more obedient, remain closer to their owners, and cleaner when choosing where to defecate.

Male dogs are in general more aggressive with other males, they mark their territory with their urine, and they tend to escape more often, especially when there is a female in heat. They can sometimes show themselves to be more dominating with their owners, and depending on their breed, even grow to be larger than the females. The advantage of male dogs is that they do not have the inconveniences of being in heat.

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