Why Buy a Dog from Dog Breeder Directory

  • By using a dog breeder directory to buy your dog, you can find a dog breeder and chose exactly the dog you want.
  • You know who the mother is, and possibly the father.
  • You can see the environment in which the puppy is growing up in.
  • The breeder can point out the different peculiarities and characteristics of the breed. That way you'll have a better idea of what you're dealing with, and the nature of the dog.
  • The breeder may as well give you a few pointers on how to give your dog the necessary treatment, and give you advise in the future.
  • If the breeder is honest and not just a salesman, he will advise you not to purchase a certain dog if he knows it may cause problems in the future. It is enough with one visit to know if one is indeed a good dog breeder.
  • Breeders limit themselves to raise exclusively one or two breeds. And he will ask questions in the future about how the dog is developing.
  • With him the dogs are not kept in a hound, up to a point they are brought up in the breeders own house, therefore establishing an ideal contact with man, in a diverse environment.
  • You can be assured that the dog is physically and psychologically healthy. He's been vaccinated and has the right documents in order, as well as genealogical registration.
  • The dog has a coded number tattooed or a microchip under his skin with a certain number. This number is for you to be able to include your dog in the animal registry, to find him in case he gets lost. With pure breed dogs, these will also be registered in the genealogical tree.

A fond breeder will give you specific details and information of the background and characteristics of the dogs history and of his fathers as well. What about Stray Dogs?

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