Why do Puppies Bite? Puppy or Dog!

Understanding Why do puppies bite us:
Puppies like biting on everything they see. This is normal, but also painful when you end up being the one getting bit. Precisely that is why they have their teeth they way do: so it will hurt. This way they can tell between "alive" objects and "dead" ones. That's why dogs bite. When a puppy bites a toy or stickā€¦ nothing happens. But if they bites us, we must leave it clear that we are "alive" and that they're harming us with they're teeth. When dogs play with each other, they tend to bite each other on the tail and paws, but if one of them ends up biting to strongly, the victim will most definitely yelp strongly, which should keep the other from doing it again.biting dog. Why do dogs bite

How do I stop my puppy from biting me? If you want your dog to understand that biting is harmful, behave like if you were another dog: when you see he is going to bite you, immediately stop playing with him, cross you're arms and scream loudly, as if he really harmed you. If he quiets down and shows to be more careful then you can keep on playing with him, but if he stays over exited and keeps behaving brutally, just stand up and leave the room closing the door behind you. Next time you want to play with him ask for an adult to accompany you.

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