Why does a dog: Roll in Dirt, Pant, Try to catch its own tail

Why does a dog Raise a paw? :They do this to urinate and mark their territory. They can do it with trees, walls, corners, etc., so other dogs perceive their smell.

Why does a dog Pant? "With an open mouth, wet, hanging tongue and fast breathing. This is a dog's way of sweating.Why does a dog Dig? :They do it right after defecating, to expand their "trace". It also is an imposing attitude. Many dogs do this right before lying down, and this is an instinct that comes from the time when a dog needed to prepare its "bed" in a cave or on the grass.

Why does a dog Roll in dirt? :This is a practice whose objective is to hide the dog's real smell, and impress the other dogs. It is very possible that what we call a nice aroma (like a perfume) is as disgusting for a dog as droppings or corpses smell is to us.

Why does a dog Try to catch its own tail? :This is a game the dog plays when it is bored. Dogs that are alone too much time can even bite their own tail.

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