Why dogs make better pets?

When asked why a dog makes a better pet, I have to answer with this story. There was once a boy name Matt who had lost his sight as a toddler. Well living in the country with his parents he didn't have access to the conveniences of cutting edge medical treatments nor the new inventions of living aides which are now more available to people in his situation. But what he did have was a pet dog named Trusty. Now you might say that of course Trusty the dog makes a better pet because everyone knows of the advantages of seeing eye dogs. But that is where you would be wrong because you see Trusty was just a mutt. He had been found as a puppy and brought home to a delighted 9 year old boy where an instant bond of friendship developed between Matt and Trusty. I guess you could say that they both understood the others need for unconditional love. Now mind you that little pup wasn't always called Trusty, in fact he was called everything but that while he was growing up. Thankfully Matt's parents understood thebenefit of the bond which had developed between Matt and Trusty. Well advancing a few years we find Matt as an adventuresome twelve preteen and a now slightly more mature Trusty. One day Matt and Trusty are out exploring the sound and smells of the open country around there house when Matt hears a sound which he had been warned about numerous times. The sound coming from what seemed a painfully close distance was none other than the unmistakable rasp of a rattle snake. All at once Trusty started barking loud and commandingly. Poor Matt shaking like a leaf could do nothing but stand perfectly still while waiting for the outcome of this deadly encounter. After a few short seconds he heard Trusty run off still barking and growling. Calling frantically for his parents he began whistling for Trusty to return which he did after some minutes. No long after his Mother came running up the path to find Matt sitting on the ground with Trusty's head on his lap. The brave little dog had not only scared off the rattler but had taken it upon himself the rid his beloved master of the threat. Unfortunately in the fight Trusty had been bitten. The rattle snake was later found chewed almost beyond recognition. The family was able to reach the vet in time to save Trusty's life although it was another tremendous battle for the valiant loving pet. Now everyone in the area speaks with pride when uttering the name Trusty. There are few pets who will or even can give there lives to save their masters but our canine friends have done it countless times. So yes this is why a dog makes a better pet.

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