Why Dogs Make Good Pets?

Why Dogs Make Good Pets

When visiting the pet store you encounter a mind boggling array of possibilities of animals which you can take home with you. So why does a dog make a good pet? Well lets look at some things. Dogs can make good guards. Which other animal will stand in your house or by your side until the threat has passed or been dealt with. Dogs keep you company and provide needed friendship for many years. Which other animal can do this with the same intensity and dedication while still being able to fit into our modern day life style with its unique challenges. Dogs make good pets because not only do they provide you with the emotional stimulus which you need but they also need you. There are few animals which are so independent but yet dependent at the same time. Birds are beautiful, cats intelligent, horses powerful, hamsters cute, fish quite, snakes different but dogs are just down right fantastic.

Dogs make good pets when you have children as long as you are careful as to what breed you acquire. The patience and disposition of the dog are very important if you want the pet/child relationship to work. Remember that children are just learning about love, gentleness, responsibility etc… Those first few years of a child's life can be very trying for even the best of dogs. When my boy was old enough to stand he would position himself by the window which faced the front yard where our Alsatian lived and of course the dog would come in for a closer look at this chubby, wobbly little human. Well my son loved that dog and proceed to let him know in everyway possible. He would put his finger in our dog's nose, eyes and ears. He would pull on his whiskers and on his ears. My son would stick his fingers in our dog's mouth but through all this torture our dog stayed calm and in later years those to boys were inseparable. In fact no one could claim as intimate a relationship with our Alsatian as my son. Even I as the dominate male in our "family" had boundaries which I had to respect with that dog but not my son. So do dogs make better pets? Barring special circumstances I would have to answer "yes" on a whole they are exceptional in everyway.

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