Why dogs shed? Why Dog Sheds?

With the changing of the seasons comes an unpleasant experience for many dog owners, as their dogs begin to shed. Dogs shed different ways and amounts depending on the breed of dog and the ambient climate. But one thing is certain when your dogs sheds it is messy and if you are allergic it is that much more troublesome. Short haired and hairless dog owners don't have much to worry about but if you just so happen to have a long haired dog such as a Saint Bernard or Afghan Hound you are in for a hairy time. Even the relatively short haired Alsatian can give you a very difficult time while it shed. The problem is that their hair goes everywhere and gets into everything. As they lose their hair the wind blows it through the house into the bedroom into the kitchen onto the food etc… The best thing you can do is to catch the problem early. You know that your dog is going to shed so have your brushready and when you see the first signs, go to work. Brushing away the shedding hair doesn't guarantee that you will have no hair flying around your house and going up your nose but it will certainly help keep the problem to a minimum. Brushing the dogs hair when it is dry is the preferred method as when you wash the dogs hair and then try to brush it wet it just doesn't work nearly as well.

If you stay on top of your dogs shedding hair you will find that this time doesn't have to be such a negative experience every few months. If yousuffer from allergiesthere are a few things which you can do such as getting shots or taking anti-allergy pills. There are also nasal sprays and the like. I found with my dog that although buying a special dog hair brush from the pet store worked well. Using a old soft bristled hair brush also did the trick for long hair dogs. For short haired dogs there are special gloves with bristles which you can use when your dog starts to shed.

Just remember that it isn't something your dog is doing intentionally to make your life miserable. So whatever you do don't take it out on the dog and don't panic it won't last forever.

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