Why Groom a Dog. Importance of Dog Grooming

Believe it or not, the basic reason why groom a dog is important is that the physical state of a dog influences the way he feels and the way we look at our dogs as well. At around the month of March all of the dog grooming salons are full of dogs with dirty, rough or greasy hair, a lot of them come in limping because their nails are too long and they have teary eyes and dirty ears. Obviously a dog that comes in this way has not been well taken of all winter.Incredibly enough after a nice grooming these dogs look like different dogs and they seem to have more life in them. Their owners definitely think so too. There are extreme cases in which lack of proper care, cleaning and grooming can directly affect the behavior of a dog. An example of this is when a dog has long nails; if the dog normally enjoyed running around and getting a lot of exercise, he won't be able to anymore and it will even affect the way he walks causing him pain and he may even become depressed.

Another example of this is a dog whose hair has grown too long and is in front of his face blocking his eyes. This situation can actually affect some animals to the point where they become fearful and untrusting of people and other animals, and on some occasions even aggressive. A dog that cannot see well feels threatened and he will impulsively go on the defense. Put yourself in your dog's shoes and imagine yourself in this situation.

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