Why Neuter a Dog?

When purchasing dog you should always ask the owner if the dog you want has been neutered. Why neuter a dog? Well first we have to explore the reason for neutering. When a dog is born they are normally born with their male or female sexual organs fully intact. This means that when they reach sexual maturity, which for dogs is much faster than for humans, they can begin reproducing. Now sometimes this is what dog owners want but for many this raises many problems. A neutered dog has some advantages for pet owners other than just the fact that they can't breed. For example a male dog who is in the prime of his sexual life can be very aggressive to not only strangers but even people that he is familiar with. But when the dog is neutered it becomes easier to handle, more docile and therefore safer. They are also much less likely to fight with other dogs as the instinct or need to dominate the competition is taken away. There are some draw backs to neutering dogs such as weight gain among others but over all most people who do not wish to breed their dogs prefer to have them neutered. I personally prefer to leave my dogs in their natural state but this of course means that I have to be ever so vigilant during the time when the females are in heat.

I do agree that neutering a dog is better than having stray puppies roaming the streets or being put down because no one wants to take care of them.

Now days just a simple trip to the veterinarian is all that is necessary to have your dog neutered. In some places the local government often have special programs when they will neuter your dog for free. As they have recognized the advantage of having the local dogs neutered, rather than having to invest money and man power in rounding up and putting down unwanted dogs later.

This is a decision which you shouldn't take lightly. If you have questions regarding the local laws or just about the procedure in general just ask your local veterinarian. Whatever you decided remember that neutering your dog is a permanent process so once you make the decision and visit the veterinarian you cannot reverse the change to your dog.

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