Wild Dog Behavior

It's necessary to remind some notions of wild behavior, that subsist, as instinctive state, in the puppy. Original behavior of the dog within a pack cannot be ignored. In the "family", the puppy will behave the same way as his wild congeners, with some differences obviously.Notions of territory, hierarchy, dominion, submission.. will be a characteristic in his relations with his owner. Maybe we should consider the group man-dog as an authentic social group. Only then the owner will have the possibility of preventing some conduct problems.

Pack Organization: Relations between dogs within a pack are similar to that of the puppy with his owner. Hierarchy notion is fundamental, and words as dominant and dominated cannot be ignored. Dominion is the concretion of superiority of one animal over another, or over man. The dominated will accept the dominant as superior, therefore will stay second place, without making decisions. There's no use saying the owner wants to be the dominant if he wants a good relation with his dog. Notion of dominion, effectively means priority in feeding, defense, etc.

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