Will I have enough time for my dog?

Try planning if you have enough time to deal with a playful and messy puppy. Remember that at the beginning, it will need feeding up to four times a day, and because it takes a long time for the dog to become accustomed to the house, be aware that certain ... accidents, will happen. Your animal will indeed create a huge mess all around and definitely destroy furniture with itssharp and growing teeth. You will be required to dedicate a good portion of your free time towards educating the dog, and, as it becomes older, the animal's need for exercise will grow substantially. If you live in an apartment, are there any green areas or parks where you can take your dog for a walk regularly? What will happen when you go on a vacation or a business trip? Is there anyone available for you to take care of the dog for the time you're gone? Can you afford a canine residence for the dog during your absence? Every dog must be brushed from time to time, but some dogs need daily brushing due to their long coat.

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