Winter dog soup recipe

Did you know that gizzards (chicken) and chicken hearts have 91 and 84 percent grams of protein for each ½ kilo. Making it higher in protein than a sirloin steak, and there is no comparison on the price!

½ kilo chicken gizzards, hearts, or beef heart chopped
1 cup whole grain hulled or barley
Any vegetables available such as: carrots, garlic, baby cabbage , cabbage etc
½ teaspoon vegetable broth powder
½ liter water

Put the meat, vegetables, barley, and broth powder into a large pot. Add in the water and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat once it has started boiling and simmer covered during 30 minutes. Serve over kibble.

Makes 1 ½ liters of soup.

Vegetarian dog chowder

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